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Affordable Search Engine Optimization

Monthly Package Details:

  • 10 Keywords
  • On-Site Assessment​​
  • Link Building
  • Search Engine and Directory Submission​​
  • Reputation Management​​
  • Social Like for Like Hub
  • Negative SEO Alert System
  • Monthly Reports
  • 3 x Sub URLs ​​​
  • 50 x High Foundation Backlinks​​​

SEO Services for Startups and Small Businesses

 On-Site Assessment

Making your website search-friendly and ensuring its relevancy to search terms. Our special software enables us to reinforce the performance of the search engine when it crawls your website.
We will provide the outcomes and recommendations about what should be done next in the first report. Interestingly, we are willing to execute our recommendations without any charges.

Search Engine and Directory Submission

Crawling over and indexation of your website by the search engine are guaranteed.
Every search engine will recognise your website once we are done with the search engine submission. We simply need to let the search engines see the reasons why it should crawl over your website and index it.
After checking out the best directories for your website meticulously, it will be listed therein. By so doing, your website profile will rank higher, as well as generate some relevant traffic.

Link Building

Among the most crucial components of SEO marketing is link building. The number of websites that link back to your website (otherwise known as backlinks) greatly determines how well your website will rank among top search engines. Your website will rank higher as you get more backlinks.
We work with a group of webmasters that are ready to include our clients’ websites on their sites. Before we partner with a webmaster, we would have diligently checked their profile, then log them into a specific industry. We run a completely white-hat link building as our collaborated webmasters will only accept relevant backlinks. However, be informed that they don't need to place any link.
Our commitment towards creating a white-hat SEO is unrivalled. We are so committed that we would connect a special negative SEO alert system to your website without charges. If anyone ever tries to counter your website with a negative SEO campaign, we’ll be notified through the SEO alert system.
Our Negative SEO Alert System
This system reports any changes concerning your backlinks and the number of social media followers on Facebook and Twitter. Thus, it notifies us promptly whenever your website is attacked. In this way, we can easily fend off any opposition that can drop your website ranking.
We work using a modern, highly efficient system, which ensures that our operations are less laborious. Thus, we offer cheaper products that you will hardly find anywhere else. We utilize our special link exposure strategy to accept backlinks; all of which are made of 100% white-hat as we place them within the webmaster guidelines. 


Why is our SEO Service so affordable?
We can offer our products at a lower rate because we have developed a highly effective, unique system that streamlines work that has traditionally been very labour intensive. All our backlinks are accepted via our unique link building strategy. We place all links manually within the webmaster guidelines making it 100% white hat. This lowers our costs so we can pass this saving on to you!

How long does it take to see a noticeable impact with SEO?

Although it can be quicker, on average it takes anywhere between 3 and 9 months to see noticeable impact from you campaign.

Is your SEO and link building strategy completely white hat?

Yes! Our SEO experts use techniques developed over years with the emphasis on assisting the search engines to find your website and appreciate it's relevance, which is a technique fully endorsed by Google themselves.

What is Negative SEO alert system?

Our unique Negative SEO Alert System checks for dramatic increases and decreases in your back SEO backlinks. And, it guards against anyone running a negative SEO campaign against your site. Facebook likes and Twitter followers making sure that if your site comes under attack, we recognise the signs early and fend against any drop in your rankings.

How does Social Marketing work?

Once you sign up for any of our Small business SEO plans, you will see a list of other people who have also opted in our Social Engagement hub. Then each day just go through the list liking and following anyone of interest. When you have completed this then just check the ones you've done and click update. You can like / follow as many or as few people as you want at any point. High quality ‘Likes’ and ‘Follows’ from other users who like what your business or service is about.
On average you'll see a minimum number of 150 likes and/or followers per month
Included as part of our service at no extra cost!

How does Reputation Management work?

It is a simple system allowing you to verify whether a client is happy or not, before you suggest that they submit a review via a public website like Review Centre, Facebook, Trip Advisor etc.
During set up you will be able to create up to 5 questions, on which your clients will give you a score of between 1 and 5, via our feedback site
You will then be able to set a positive threshold which you have selected. This threshold will dictate the notification that your customer will see after they submit their feedback.
For example, let's say you set a threshold of 4 stars of above. So, this would mean that if the result averages 4 stars or above then your client would be asked to submit a public review. If the result averages 3 stars or below then your client would be presented with a message that you created during set up. This could be a message asking them to contact you directly with their details to discuss their dissatisfaction and try to achieve a more positive outcome.


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