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Facebook Ads | ADVANCED

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Ads Budget: $3001 – $4000

Facebook Ads ADVANCED Features:

  • Objective Setting​
  • Campaign Setup​
  • Advert Sets
  • Adverts Creation
  • Facebook Pixel Tracking Setup​
  • Conversion Tracking​
  • CTR Management​
  • A/B Split Testing​
  • Monthly Reports​​

Why Facebook Advertising?

Facebook has close to 2 Billion monthly active users, Facebook has no plans to slow down.

With such a massive user base, Facebook presents a unique opportunity for businesses looking to reach their ideal target customer.

Being a social network, Facebook gives an opportunity to reach your prospective customers in unique ways that are not possible on any other platform.

Advert Sets & Creation

Based on the information provided by you, we setup Advert Sets and define relevant audience target, Placements, Budgets, Schedule, etc.

Once a Advert Set is created, we proceed with Advert creation.

Your Daily Pay-Per-Click Campaign Budget

We will determine your maximum daily overall spend and confirm maximum budget for each Advert Set.

Facebook Pixel & Conversion Tracking Setup

The Facebook pixel is a simple JavaScript code that permits us to measure, optimize and build audiences for ad campaigns.

By placing a single pixel across the entire website, we can track and report conversions, build audiences and get rich insights about how people use the website.

We then use this data to understand user behaviour and get more insights that help in taking data-oriented decisions to improve campaign’s performance.


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