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eCommerce SEO PLUS Features:

  • 1000 Keywords
  • Keyword Research & Analysis​
  • In-depth Site Analysis​​
  • Technical Website Evaluation​​
  • On Page Optimization​​
  • Off Page SEO/ Link Building ​​
  • Google Analytics & Tracking​​
  • Content Marketing​​
  • Monthly Competitor Monitoring ​
  • Monthly Reports​​

Basic SEO Is Not Enough

What you need is a plan that addresses the unique needs of a website whose main purpose is to sell.

DucaBay offer specialised Ecommerce SEO Services for Online Businesses who need to optimize large numbers of product pages each month.

With in-depth website analysis, performance tracking and superb customer support to extend your ecommerce site’s rankings. With our Ecommerce SEO Strategy you will increase in more traffic to your online store and ultimately encourage sales and customer loyalty.

Ecommerce SEO Strategy

DucaBay will outline an intensive campaign that will focus on developing a strategic process to achieve high natural search results.

Each month, we will prepare a customised Action Plan that will provide the best initiatives to perform over the course of that month.

Keyword Analysis & Selection

We will prepare a detailed, comprehensive keyword analysis of the top key terms around the priority products that will impact the traffic on the site. This detailed analysis will serve as the guideline for the terms, which we will focus its overall efforts to enhance.

Our keyword analysis is extremely detailed and allows us to focus on the terms that will drive targeted visitors to your site.

Competitor Analysis

As part of the SEO strategy, DucaBay provides a detailed analysis covering a complete landscape overview of specific SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages) with regards to the competitors who currently rank for the targeted key terms of the campaign to determine keyword specific strategies for improved campaign results.

The competitive analysis will also focus your competitor’s domain authority, content as well as the volume of links maintained.Our goal with the competitive analysis is to determine a process to exceed what the competition currently has in place.

On Page Optimization

A significant component of making a site visible to search engines is the development of a search engine friendly site structure and careful density of these pages with selected keywords.

It will start by evaluating your site(s), several changes may need to be made to your site structure in order to achieve high search engine rankings.

Ranking & Traffic Benchmarking

Our team will capture the current rankings of the specific keywords that will be optimized. It helps us to target our work to improve these rankings.

We will also run a benchmark traffic report to study improvement in the traffic on the site.



Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization is the process of making your online store more visible in the search engine results pages. When your customers search for products that you sell, you want to rank as highly as possible, so you get more traffic to your online store.


An ecommerce site is more complicated in terms of it’s structure and optimization requirements. An ecommerce website needs a solid, ongoing SEO strategy that follows best practices not only to ensure optimum performance, but also to inspire customers to actually buy and keep coming back for your products.


Standard SEO plans are usually sold on a per-keyword basis; you can buy a plan to optimize your website for a certain number of keywords. This method is impractical for ecommerce websites. Given the levels of optimization that is required for an ecommerce , it’s difficult to confine the SEO campaign to a certain list of keywords.
All our ecommerce SEO plans comes with 1000+ keywords to ensure we can target all your product keywords and get targeted customers to your online store.

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